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bandwidth on demand (BoD)

Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) is an on-demand service used in network technology with flexible bandwidth allocation. With Bandwidth-on-Demand, as with Capacity-on-Demand( CoD), the provider allocates additional bandwidth to the user on demand for the duration of a transmission.

The user can use the increased bandwidth for specific bandwidth-intensive applications such as a video conference, a high-volume backup, or for other broadband-intensive applications. This results in faster transmission of the user application and better utilization of network capacity. The BoD function can be activated automatically by a program, it can be time-of-day dependent, it can be based on a predefined route utilization, or it can be on demand by the user.

Bandwidth on Demand can take various forms: Instant Bandwidth on Demand, for example, which takes effect immediately on demand and makes bandwidth available for a desired period of time. And there is Scheduled Bandwidth on Demand, a pre-planned bandwidth requirement that can be registered hours or days in advance.

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