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banana jack

The banana plug is a simple plug that is used as a universal plug, speaker plug and in measurement technology. The plug gets its name

from the banana-shaped spring contacts that are located on the plug pin and provide the appropriate pressure in the socket. The plug system is one of the oldest and was developed at the beginning of the last century by the General Radio Corp.

Banana plug with cross hole, photo: IGS-Electronic

Banana plug with cross hole, photo: IGS-Electronic

The banana plug consists of the metallic pin with the spring contacts and an insulating, often coloured protective cover made of plastic or rubber. In the standard version, the metallic pin has a diameter of 4 mm. It can be loaded with up to 16 A. Inaddition to the standard version, there are miniaturized versions for the hobby sector.

When connectingloudspeakers, hollow banana plugs or connectors are also frequently used.

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