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In project management, backlogs refer to unfinished tasks. The German translation of backlog is "Arbeitsrückstand" or "Nachholbedarf". Backlogs refer to existing but not yet completed work orders that still need to be processed.

In project management, a backlog refers to project-related tasks that still need to be completed. A distinction is made between product-related backlogs, product backlogs, sprint backlogs, business-oriented backlogs, portfolio backlogs, program backlogs and solution backlogs.

As far as the Product Backlogs are concerned, these are software development requirements that are present but not yet executed. The Product Backlog is constantly updated and adapted to new requirements. In contrast, the Sprint Backlog is about project tasks whose details still have to be communicated to the Srum team, and the Portfolio Backlog is about future project tasks for which comprehensive solution approaches have to be developed.

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