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Backdoors are unauthorized accesses to computers, their software and data files, in which the security mechanisms are bypassed. As the name implies, the unauthorized access occurs through the backdoor.

In the case of a backdoor, the attacker often gains unrestricted access rights via a hidden, constantly running program. Unlike Trojans, backdoors or backdoor viruses allow direct access to the affected computer, spy on interesting and personal data, allow manipulation of hardware and software, and change or destroy data files. In contrast, Trojans are disguised as useful programs in order to access data files in an uncorrected manner.

Backdoors are often used to install viruses, worms or Trojans on the attacked computer or to use it for unauthorized operations such as Distributed Denial of Services( DDoS). Another backdoor technique is island hopping, in which attackers gain access to a target. In this technique, the attacker first exploits the employees and business partners who work with the company and have access to the network.

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