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autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

Many traffic accidents are caused by delayed braking, tailgating, poor visibility, driver fatigue or distraction, poor lighting conditions or blinded drivers. Autonomous braking systems, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), are designed to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

As driver assistance systems, autonomous braking systems support the driver and are intended to prevent or at least mitigate accidents. Corresponding systems

, which areinstalled in collision warning systems

, operate autonomously and only intervene in the braking process in critical situations to avoid an accident. Most AEB systems work with long-range radar, stereo cameras and lidar technology and use these to identify the vehicles in front or other objects. The system uses its own vehicle speed and direction to calculate whether a critical situation may occur. If such a situation is detected, the AEB system warns the driver and, if there is no reaction, intervenes in the braking process.

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