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automotive pixel link (APIX)

Automotive PixelLink (APIX) is a high-speed bus system for automotive technology with which large amounts of data can be transmitted at high speed. The transfer rate for the transmission of video and peripheral data for displays and camera applications is 1 Gbit/s in the first APIX version, already 3 Gbit/s in the APIX 2 version and with APIX Next, displays in Ultra- HD( UHD) are supported.

The APIX bus consists of the APIX transceiver and receiver, which are connected via a category 5 STP cable (cat 5) and can transmit data bidirectionally at different data rates. The bridgeable distance between the APIX transceiver and receiver can be between a few centimeters and up to 15 meters. Data is transmitted using Current Mode Logic( CML), which ensures uniform frequency distribution of the signals.

Characteristics of APIX 2

Characteristics of APIX 2

In addition to video transmission with a data rate of 1 Gbit/s or 3 Gbit/s (APIX 2), sideband channels with 12 Mbit/s are also available for duplex data transmission between the graphics unit and the display. In the sideband, control data is transmitted bidirectionally with Ethernet data packets. Signal coupling to the transmission line is capacitive. This means that a maximum current of 2 A can be transmitted via the data lines to supply the displays. At a supply voltage of 12 V, this corresponds to a power of over 20 W, which is perfectly sufficient for small displays.

Thanks to the STP cables, the APIX bus offers high electromagnetic compatibility( EMC) and is resistant to electromagnetic interference. At the same time, the values required in motor vehicles for interference immunity and for interference emissions are much higher than those required in industrial applications. The APIX 3 version increased the data rate to 12 Gbit/s because automotive technology wanted to support the 4K standard. The transmission can be done via different cables. For example, single- channel via coaxial cable or STP cable or dual-channel via QSTP cable (Quad Shielded Twisted Pair). APIX 3 uses NRZ coding as the encoding.

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