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automotive audio bus (A2B)

The Automotive Audio Bus(A2B) is a bus developed by Analog Devices for automotive infotainment systems. The A2B bus system uses a single two- conductor UTP cable to carry multi- channel digital audio and control data, the clock signal, and power.

The UTP cable complies with all electromagnetic compatibility( EMC), electromagnetic interference( EMI), and electrostatic discharge( ESD) interference standards.

The A2B bus system can transmit a data rate of 50 Mbps and has a latency of 50 ┬Ás. The resulting sound quality is of high quality. The advantages of the simple twisted pair cable are cost and weight savings.

The A2B bus system operates in master- slave mode with one master and several slaves. In addition, it has a head unit to which several loudspeakers and amplifiers can be connected. In terms of reception, the head unit can be connected to intelligent antennas and receive radio, mobileradio, GPS and traffic signals from other road users via car-to-car communication( C2C) or from infrastructure components.

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