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automatic vehicle identification (traffic) (AVI)

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) are systems for the automatic identification of motor vehicles. AVI systems are used wherever motor vehicles need to be identified in order to gain access to toll roads, parking garages or company premises. Only after identification, the corresponding facility is released.

AVI systems also work at high driving speeds and are used, among other things, in the billing of tolls, the Electronic Toll Collection( ETC). The various concepts for automatic motor vehicle detection can work with long-range RFID or with automatic license plate recognition. With RFID, motor vehicles are equipped with RFID tags that are read by RFID readers. Detection can also be inductive using readers embedded in the roadway. Optical license plate recognition techniques use stationary or mobile infrared cameras. These techniques are known as Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Automatic Number Plate Recognition ( ANPR), Car Plate Recognition( CPR) or License Plate Recognition( LPR). The captured license plates are evaluated using image processing and optical character recognition( OCR).

The advantages of automatic vehicle identification are time savings, as motor vehicles can bechecked while driving and do not have to stop at barriers. In addition, stolen vehicles equipped with AVI systems can be located more quickly.

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