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automatic meter reading (smart meter) (AMR)

Automatic Meter Reading(AMR) is an example of machine-to-machine communication in which consumption values recorded by sensors are transmitted via an M-Bus to a Multi-Utility Controller( MUC) or a Smart Meter Gateway ( SMGW).

Automatic meter reading can be meter readings from smart meters for electricity, water, heating or gas demand, which are transmitted to a controller using an M-Bus, via Bluetooth or ZigBee.

Among many other applications, the energy industry uses AMR technology and smart metering by reading meter readings from electricity meters and transmitting them over the frequency bands defined by CENELEC using powerline transmission at the extremely low data rate of 75 bps.

CENELEC frequency bands according to EN 50065-1 for the power grid

CENELEC frequency bands according to EN 50065-1 for the power grid

Other concepts use radio technologies for the transmission of meter readings, such as the 868 MHzfrequency band that can be used for this purpose or the existing mobile radio networks with General Packet Radio Service( GPRS) or UMTS. The further development of AMR technology is leading to the much more powerful AMI systems, the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

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