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automatic identification and data capture (AIDC)

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) refers to a wide variety of technologies used to collect information from people, objects, images, and sound documents.

AIDC technology can be used to manage and monitor items, equipment, shipments, assets, documents, and security. AIDC systems can support inventory management in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and distribution of goods, provide tracking of goods and devices, and check their labeling and identification.

AIDC technologies include graphical marking of goods using bar codes and 2D codes. These markings must be read with optical reading devices and decoded via code converters. Optical reading is also used for optical character recognition( OCR), in which the identification and product data are written in a special font. The situation is different for magnetic stripes, which are used to identify credit cards and chip cards. The information on the magnetic stripe must be read with magnetic stripe readers.

AIDC technology also knows radio-technical procedures such as Radio Frequency Identification( RFID). RFID technology can be used in logistics and warehouses. It is suitable for tracking and tracing items, animals and goods of all kinds and uses an RFID tag that is locatable and contains the product data.

Biometric identifiers are also associated with AIDC technology. Whether fingerprint recognition, retina recognition, face recognition, voice recognition, etc., all these physiological characteristics are used to identify people.

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