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automatic call distribution (ACD)

Automatic call forwarding is a feature of computer-assisted private branch exchanges and telephone switchboards, which are used in call centers and customer interaction centers (CIC), among other places. But also in companies whose telephone exchanges receive a large number of calls

. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) analyzes the caller's phone number or identifies it by means of Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and forwards it to a specific agent depending on the priority

- VIP customer, key account, private customer, new customer, etc. - of the call.- is forwarded to a specific agent. Callers who cannot be assigned to a consultant are switched to the desired department or the next free agent. In order to reduce the costs for the switchboard and to relieve the employees, the caller can also be guided dialogue-oriented with an IVR system, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and switched through to the appropriate department. In addition to the aforementioned functions, ACD systems offer the options of statistical evaluation of call parameters and Skill-Based Routing

(SBR), in which call agents specialize in certain subject areas.

Structure of a telephone exchange with ACD and IVR

Structure of a telephone exchange with ACD and IVR

In general, ACD systems are distinguished between adapted systems, in which an ACD server works alongside a PBX

. Such a system works with conventional terminals and allows the formation of groups of employees who are focused on specific customer requirements: Consultation, complaints, support, etc. In addition to these adapted systems, there are the integrated systems, where the ACD function forms an extension of the PBX and which are equipped with special terminals, and also the CIT systems for computer telephony. In the CIT systems, which work with normal terminals, the ACD server includes the functions of the PBX. CIT systems are PC-based systems that work with RAID systems, have a high degree of flexibility and often already include special components such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

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