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automated meter management (smart meter) (AMM)

Automated Meter Management (AMM) is a technology for more efficient use of energy consumption. The AMM concept supports smart meters and increases the efficiency of the entire value chain from energy generation to electrical energy storage and consumption.

Automated Meter Management, controlled by the MUC controller, provides real-time and detailed information about each customer's consumption through smart metering. The smart grid can respond immediately to the appropriate increase or decrease in demand. The AMM concept gives consumers the advantage of being able to make the most of daily and time-dependent tariffs and special offers by controlling their consumption devices.

Functions of Automated Meter Management (AMM)

Functions of Automated Meter Management (AMM)

AMM activities are supported by PRIME(Powerline Intelligent Metering Evolution), an open organization that has developed an architecture for Automated Meter Management and is standardizing AMM internationally.

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