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automated infrastructure management (datacenter) (AIM)

AIM systems, Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM), are management systems that record, monitor and document the cabling infrastructure and thus the connection ofpatch cables in real time. They directly display the connection changes and trigger alarms in case of faulty connections and unplanned changes.

Automated infrastructure management makes the error-prone and time-consuming process of manually capturing and documenting the connections of a cabling infrastructure obsolete. AIM management fully automatically manages the physical layer with all connections to servers, switches and storage devices. Regardless of whether TP cables or FOC cables are involved.

The basis for connector identification is RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, which is used to recognize the connector connection. Alternatively, there is Connection Point Identification( CPID), which is also based on RFID. With both technologies, RFID tags or CPID chips are embedded in the connectors and, in some cases, also in the receiver strip on the switch panel. Positioning is performed via the chips in the receiver strip.

AIM systems are to be seen as a supplement to Data Center Infrastructure Management( DCIM). They are part of ISO/ IEC 18598.

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