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audio video receiver (AVR)

Audio-video receivers, AV receivers, are devices for high-quality reproduction of audio and video. They contain multi- channel amplifiers and processors for digital signal processing( DSP) with which the input signals are amplified, changed in their frequency characteristics and propagation times and output as output signals.

The input signals of AV receivers come from classic video and audio sources, from DVD or BD players(Blu-Ray Disc), memory cards or tuners, which can also be part of the AV receiver. The prepared and processed output signals are connected to speakers, televisions and projectors. As for video and audio processing, AV receivers support high-definition television( HDTV) and large-screen projection in 4K standard, as well as multi-channel surround sound and 3D sound.

AV receivers from Denon

AV receivers from Denon

The built-in audio decoders can process stereo signals and various audio formats in surround sound such as Dolby Surround. The input and output interfaces meet the growing demands for data volume and speed.

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