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auction platform

An auction platform is an electronic marketplace( EM) on which companies and private individuals offer and auction a wide variety of goods and services. Trading takes place between the provider of the goods, the auctioneer, and the buyer, the first bidder. The auctions, e-auction, can be based on a wide variety of e-commerce models and are subject to legal guidelines.

Auction platforms can include a wide range of new and used goods and services, they can also focus on specific markets such as the new car or agricultural machinery market, art objects and musical instruments. In addition to the goods platform, auction platforms offer various services and reference the offers. The bidder can follow the auction at all stages, he can pay for the auctioned goods via various payment methods or process the payment via sub-accounts.

Dorotheum auction platform for art and antiques

Dorotheum auction platform for art and antiques

Auction platforms are financed by the turnover in which they participate on a percentage basis. Major auction platforms for general merchandise include ebay, Atrada, BesteAuktion, Feiniger Online, and others. Specialty auction platforms include Dorotheum for art and antiques, Sedo for domain names, and Sport-Auktion for sports and fan merchandise.

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