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attention assistance

Since most accidents are caused by human error, automotive technology is increasingly relying on driver assistance systems (DAS) that detect driver fatigue and warn the driver. There are sleep warning systems and attention assist systems.

The attention assistant detects signs of driver fatigue. Based on the monitored head and eye position and the blink of the eyelids, the attention assistant forms conclusions about the driver's state of concentration. If the system detects a lack of attention, it warns the driver haptically or acoustically.

The Attention

Assistant detects the blink of an eye, Photo: Hella

Assistant detects the blink of an eye, Photo: Hella

The Attention Assistant is intended to warn the driver of microsleep, which can cause accidents, and thus contribute to driving safety. It works with an infrared camera placed in the steering wheel area. It is used to measure the eyelid blink frequency and duration. If the eyelids remain closed for a period of about 1.5 s, the system alerts the driver.

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