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The term asset, also known as digital asset or media asset, refers to media content that is available as binary codes with rights of use.

There are three main categories of assets: First, text files, also known as textual content (digital asset). Second, image files or images (media asset). Thirdly, audio files and video files (media asset) such as animations or music. All three forms can be integrated in a complex multimedia application, for example.

The management of digital assets is generally referred to as digital asset management( DAM). It includes the management and archiving of digital assets. Examples of DAM functions are: Importing and exporting files, combining files into packaged applications, enhancing binary files with meta information. Application areas for Digital Asset Management (DAM) include television broadcasting, the printing industry, the music industry, and corporate archives. Media Asset Management( MAM) is a subcategory of DAM and refers only to image, audio and video files.

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