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artificial Internet of things (AIoT)

Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) is a powerful convergence between artificial intelligence

(AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), where both techniques have grown together. Companies are participating in the resulting benefits and can realize smarter applications by integrating artificial intelligence. In the Internet of Things, data

fromconnected devices and sensors

iscollected, analyzed, and used for control purposes. Since most of the data comes from different sources and is unstructured, it can be structured and analyzed by artificial intelligence and converted into relevant information

. These possibilities to structure and analyze information from large data sets are only offered by the combination of Internet of Things and Artificial Intellgence. Using AIoT, intelligent business decisions can be made and certain tasks can be realized. For example, data collected by sensors can be collected and separated, and useful information can be extracted from large data pools. In this example, the unstructured data is structured and using AI algorithms, irrelevant data is eliminated from it and the remaining data can be used for the business models.

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