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application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)

An ASIC (Application Specific Integrated

Circuit) is a user-specific or customer-specific integrated circuit. Unlike standard ICs, an ASIC is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. In the production of integrated circuits (IC), the design and manufacturing costs increase rapidly with increasing circuit complexity. But on the other hand, some of the features present in standard ICs are not required by users. This dichotomy is solved by ASICs, which are designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements. ASICs are prefabricated integrated circuits consisting of many standard logics, which are linked application-specifically according to customer requirements. ASICs are manufactured in the same way as standard ICs, except for the final linking of the individual logics, which is done only after the customer project is available. There are linking techniques for one-time programmable and reprogrammable ASICs. In the case of one-time programmable ASICs, the interconnections are produced by fusible micro-connections or by building up an interconnection in which insulating silicon

becomes conductive through an influx of charge.

Classification of standard and custom integrated circuits

Classification of standard and custom integrated circuits

The development of ASICs is directly related to that of microprocessors, since the function of the circuit is not determined by hardware alone, but by the software used. This makes ASICs much more flexible, gives them a greater degree of freedom in linking the logics and allows them to be quickly adapted to other customer requirements by means of different programs


Customer specific ASIC, photo:

Customer specific ASIC, photo:

ASICs can be configured as processors, memories, field programmable gate arrays

(FPGA) and others. They are manufactured in small batches and can be produced relatively quickly due to prefabrication. Theentry costs depend on

theintegration density of the chips

and can be relatively high, whereas the production costs are relatively low. ASICs include all programmable logic devices such as Programmable Log ic Devices (PLD) in their various forms, gate arrays, Field Programmable Gate Arrays and wire-programmed memories.

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