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antenna connector

Antenna connectors are RF connectors for antenna cables, antenna systems and satellite antenna systems. The classic antenna connector is the IEC connector according to IEC 60169-2. The IEC connector consists of a coaxial plug and a socket, which are plugged into each other in an overlapping manner. As a result, the IEC connector has a relatively good RF tightness.

The IEC antenna connector is suitable for cable TV, DVB-T, analog TV, FM broadcasting and many more. For satellite antenna systems, the IEC connector is not used, but the F connector. It uses the cable core as the plug inner conductor, which reduces the attenuation in a few decibels. In addition, it has a screw cap, which ensures a high RF tightness. F connectors are on LNB converters, antenna amplifiers and receivers.

IEC connector, photo: 3i software

IEC connector, photo: 3i software

Another RF connector with high RF tightness is the N connector, which is used in professional RF technology for the antenna connection in WLANs, among other things.

Inmicrowave technology, a wide variety of SMA connectors and SMB connectors are used as antenna connectors, depending on the frequency and cable requirements.

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