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ancillary data space (digital video) (ANC)

In digital TV, the ancillary data space (ANC) corresponds to the blanking interval in analog video. Additional information for digital TV is transmitted in the ANC area. This includes the Time Code( TC), the embedded audio, subtitles and the data for error detection, especially that of Error Detection and Handling( EDH). The Ancillary Time Code( ATC) is also inserted in the ANC space.

ANC for different digital TV standards

ANC for different digital TV standards

The number of pixels sampled out varies extremely between different digital TV standards and is, for example, 144 pixels for 576i/25 and 720 pixels for 1,080i/25. Adequatelyto analog TV, digital video also has vertical and horizontal gaps, the Vertical Ancillary Data Space (VANC) and the Horizontal Ancillary Data Space (HANC).

So that the data stream is not unnecessarily increased when digital TV is broadcast, the Ancillary Data Spaces are not necessarily inserted into the data stream.

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