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analog front end (PLC) (AFE)

Analog front ends(AFE) are analog-operating preconnection units that are used wherever highly sensitive analog signals are amplified and converted into digital signals. They are mainly used in combination with sensors.

The analog signals supplied by the sensors are amplified in the analog front end and converted into digital signals in integrated A/D converters. Such analog front ends are multi- channel and can process several analog signals simultaneously.

Analog front ends are used as preamplifiers for highly sensitive image sensors, in medical technology for amplification and digitization of medical measurements in smart wearables, in information systems, messaging systems, radar systems and telecommunications systems. But they are also used in battery management systems( BMS) in which they form the interface to the individual battery cells. By directly amplifying the sensor signals, they reduce the signal-to- noise ratio and thus contribute to improving signal quality. They are designed as highly integrated circuits with eight or more channels, consisting of a preamplifier and an A/D converter.

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