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ampere per meter (A/m)

Ampere per meter (A/m) is a unit of magnetic field strength derived from the International System of Units

(SI). The magnetic field strength depends on the current density, which is given as current flow per unit area: Amps per square meter. Linear current density is measured as displacement along the coil axis and is 1 A/m for 1 ampere per meter of displacement. The magnetic field strength increases linearly with the current density. For a given coil

, the magnetic field strength is directly proportional to the linear current density. Thus, if the linear current density doubles, the magnetic field strength also doubles; if the linear current density is 1/10 of the previous value, the magnetic field strength also decreases by a factor of 10. As another unit for magnetic field strength, there is the older unit oersted (Oe). 1 Oersted (Oe) corresponds to 79.58 A/m, and conversely, 1 A/m corresponds to 0.012566 Oe.

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