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agile software development (ASD)

Agile software development (ASD) is a flexible method for

software development that can be adapted to changes in requirements during the course of development. Since in almost all complex software projects the requirements change during the development process, the software development must adapt to the changed circumstances. This is what agile software development does, allowing for changes at any time during the development process. By quickly adapting

the software development to the new requirements, the development process is shortened and the final product is available sooner, which ultimately benefits the economy.Agile software development works with smaller, self-organizing Scrum teams

with short decision-making paths that are led by Scrum masters. Theentire structure is leaner, more flexible, and more transparent compared to traditional software development.

Agile software development ensures more efficient software development through interaction and collaboration between with customers and between software developers, through comprehensive documentation, and through rapid reactions to changes.

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