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after sales marketing

After Sales Marketing or After Sales Management is a term from marketing and sales terminology. It refers to all marketing measures after the successful completion of a sale.

After-sales marketing is intended to positively confirm a purchase decision that has already been made and to trigger follow-up purchases. Concrete measures include, for example, supplementary offers with complementary articles or information

on newer versions of the product at a later date. However, after-sales marketing also includes services relating to maintenance, warranty or other assistance, the after-sales services. The approach of after sales marketing is embedded in a comprehensive customer relationship management with the aim to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Companies in e-commerce often use this concept because all relevant contact data is available through online ordering and delivery to the customer. The concept helps to complete as many business transactions with the customer as possible over a long period of the customer relationship and thus significantly increase the customer lifetime value for the company.

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