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advanced mobile location (AML)

For emergency calls, exact position information is crucial so that the person in an emergency situation can be provided with emergency measures as quickly as possible. Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is one such mobile communications service that provides precise position information when calls are made to the emergency call center.

With AML technology, the smartphone 's position is determined via the GPS system and, as soon as the emergency number 112 is dialed, the smartphone transmits the exact position via the corresponding mobile network using a short message service or HTTPS. A control center directly receives the position data of the person concerned. The importance of the AML service can be recognized by the fact that it is not an app, but a software solution that is directly integrated into various smartphone operating systems.

In addition to the position data with altitude information, other data sets are transmitted. For example, the phone number of the smartphone, the time of the emergency call and, in the case of moving persons, the direction of movement.

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