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advanced metal evaporated (AME)

Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) is the name of the coating process for metal-coated magnetic tapes, such as those used in AIT drives. AME magnetic tapes are characterized by high storage density

and abrasion resistance. In AME technology, which is already available in the second generation - AME-2 and AME-3 - the metal is evaporated in particle sizes of 5 nm to 7 nm and then applied to the carrier material. These magnetic tapes have a high surface homogeneity and abrasion resistance and achieve a storage density of more than 1 Gbit/sq.m.

Another technology for high-quality coatings of magnetic tapes, with which magnetic tapes with storage capacities of several terabytes can be produced, is the Tera-Angstrom technology. This coating process is characterized by extreme surface homogeneity with elevations of less than one angstrom, corresponding to 10exp-10m.

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