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advanced intelligent network (IN/mobile communications) (AIN)

The term Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) is used for two completely different concepts. On the one hand for an improved Intelligent Network(IN) and on the other hand for the symbiosis of ISDN and mobile communications.

  1. In the Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN), as in the Intelligent Network (IN), the functionalities of switching and services are completely separate. This means that new services and switching technologies can be integrated without having to change the network architecture or reconstruct switches. Such an AIN concept promotes competition between service providers, as they can provide services much more easily and users have more choice. In North America, Advanced Intelligent Network is an accepted standard.
  2. In another context, an Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) forms the integration of ISDN and mobile communications into a Personal Communications System( PCS). If air interfaces are connected in ISDN, cellular telephones could be operated worldwide via ISDN. However, this would require uniform implementations of ISDN and a uniform standard for the air interfaces.

In AIN networks, there is a special rotating algorithm with which emergency calls are given priority. This mode of operation is called Alternate Carrier Routing( ACR).

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