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advanced forward link trilateration (AFLT)

Advanced Forward Link Trilateration (AFLT) is a mobile radio navigation method based on triangulation or trilateration. In the first case, two known positions of base stations are used to calculate the location. If the angles are known, the position of one's own location can be calculated from them. In trilateration, the own position is calculated using the distances between the base stations and the mobile station

. To achieve an accurate result in a three-dimensional space, at least three positions must be known. The triangle used for the calculation results from the distances of the three base stations to the mobile station. The calculation is performed in the mobile network

, which receives the distances from the mobile station. TheAFLT technique is similar to the Time Difference of Arrival

(TDoA).The AFLT technique requires the mobile stations to be upgraded in software for system-wide synchronization

to thebase stations. Also, the AFLT technique requires a traffic and control signal to transmit the position data. The position accuracy

isbetween 50 m and 200 m, depending on the radio cell size.

Another position determination method based on triangular measurements is Enhanced Forward Link Trilateration (EFLT), which, however, has a lower positioning accuracy.

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