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advanced digital recording (ADR)

ADR drives, Advanced Digital Recording (ADR), a technology developed by Philips for tape drives, operate with 8 mm magnetic tapes.

Recording is done in longitudinal track mode on eight parallel channels with a track density of 192 tracks. In addition to the data tracks, there are several servo tracks for precise positioning of the magnetic heads.

The data transfer rate is between 0.5 MB/s and 4 MB/s, which can be adapted to the speed of the system. The magnetic head is positioned via servo tracks, which are located between the tracks for data storage.

Three different ADR models are available: ADR50 with a storage capacity of 25 GB and a data rate of 2 MB/s, ADR2.60 with 30 GB storage capacity and ADR2.120 with 120 GB and a data transfer rate of 4 MB/s.

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