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advanced data communication control procedure (ADCCP)

The Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure (ADCCP) is a bit-orientedprotocol of the link layer that supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint connections.

Data packets with transmission security can be transmitted over the mentioned connections. The ADCCP protocol ensures that data is received correctly. The ADCCP modified by the American National Standards Institute( ANSI) is used as High Level Data Link Control( HDLC) in the SNA architecture. It also forms, also in modified form, the HDLC protocol of the International Standards Organization( ISO) and the Link Access Procedure( LAP) or LAP B from the International Telecommunication Union( ITU) for X.25.

The ADCCP protocol recognizes the Normal Response Mode( NRM), similar to Synchronous Data Link Control ( SDLC), the Asynchronous Balanced Mode( ABM), similar to HDLC, and the Asynchronous Response Mode( ARM).

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