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advanced color e-paper (ACeP)

The company E-Ink has further developed the process it developed for e-paper, which could only display black and gray tones, for color displays under the name Advanced Color e-Paper (ACeP).

While the first color e-paper displays worked with color foils in which red, green and blue were filtered and which impaired contrast and reflectivity, the bistable color display works without color filters.

Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), photo:

Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), photo:

ACeP uses the same reflective technology used in the EPD display, except that the small color beads in the microcapsules are colored rather than black and white. Dedicated drive techniques with different voltage levels can be used to selectively activate the microcapsules containing the colored pigments. ACeP technology retains the key advantage of extremely low power consumption. The microcapsules only require energy when the pigment state changes; otherwise, such bistable displays require no energy supply in their two stable states.

As for the characteristic values of the ACeP display, E-Ink gives a value of 32,000 (`10^15`) colors for the color representations. This contrasts with the 16 million color shades that a TFT display can represent. The screen diagonal of the ACeP display is 20 inches and the screen resolution is 2,500 × 1,600 pixels.

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