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Google Adsense is an advertising service of the Google company. Publishers of websites can allow online advertising on their pages via Google Adsense and receive remuneration for it.

There are three ways to use the Google Adsense advertising service: Placing online advertisements on the website and remuneration via the number of clicks as well as impressions. The insertion of a custom search engine and remuneration via ads on the search results pages, the Search Engine Result Pages( SERP), and the placement of ads in mobile advertising with websites and apps for mobile-viewed website content.

AdSense evaluation for a domain

AdSense evaluation for a domain

Basically, participation in Google Adsense is only possible if the website offers sufficient quality of content and the advertising correlates with the content. In this context one speaks of contextual advertising.

Google Adsense analyzes the website content with the help of a web crawler and adapts the advertising to be placed accordingly. The ads can be adapted to the color scheme of the website and its content. Website publishers can exclude competitor advertising on their pages via Google Adsense.

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