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  1. The addressing is an order system with which data in files are marked. It can be the marking of a command with the address of a memory location on which data are written or from which data are read. The addressing can take place with absolute, virtual or symbolic addresses, thus with freely selectable addresses, which can be computed by a translation program. It is used for the unique assignment of network components and is implemented directly in the hardware. If more than two data stations communicate with each other, suitable procedures are required for station addressing. In the case of character-oriented procedures, the addresses for the control unit( cluster controller) and the peripheral unit (device) are known; in the case of bit-oriented procedures, the address field is used for selection. Addressing
    and its characteristics

    and its characteristics

    For addressing subscribers connected to a public switched network, an address field is required in the network layer.
  2. Hard disk addressing is the allocation of a memory location on the hard disk. For better data management, hard disks are divided into sectors and cylinders, which are addressed via several read/write heads. There are several addressing methods for hard disks, the initially used CHS method, Cylinder, Head, Sector (CHS), the LBA method, Logical Block Addressing (LBA), and BIOS extensions via interrupt 13, Int 13.
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