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address bar

The address bar is typically displayed as a header in the upper left corner of the browser and shows the name of the called website or its Internet address( URL). By entering the name or URL in the address line, visitors can call up desired websites and web pages.

Address lines consist of specifying the protocol (http, https, FTP or other) followed by a colon and two slashes. This is followed by the Internet service. When using the web, three w's follow: www, separated by a period from the following name of the website - example: itwissen - and the top level domain( TLD). The website name and the TLD are also separated by a dot. The entire entry in the address line thus looks as follows in the case of ITWissen:

Address line of the homepage of

Address line of the homepage of

This IP address is used to communicate with the ad server and the web services. When entered, the homepage of the website appears. If one wants to call a subpage, then these are indicated by a slash behind the Top Level Domain.

Address lines support the call function of web pages by providing completion suggestions and a suggestion list during their input.

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