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adaptive voltage scaling (power management) (AVS)

Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS) is a technology developed by National Semiconductor for optimal power management of processors, ASICs and System-on-Chips( SoC).

AVS technology works in real time to save power by continuously optimizing the supply voltage based on the work processes and temperature changes of the processors. AVS forms a control system with the supply voltage and continuously controls the effects of the control process, resulting in significant energy savings. AVS can be implemented in all devices with processors or ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), such as mobile devices, consumer devices, servers in data centers and peripherals powered by USB interface.

Energy savings with DVS and AVS

Energy savings with DVS and AVS

Unlike Adaptive Voltage Scaling, Dynamic Voltage Scaling( DVS) optimizes the supply voltage over the clock frequency. The energy savings documented by the manufacturer are over 30% for DVS technology and even over 60% for AVS. They essentially depend on the geometric structure of the processor, the implementation of the design, the scaling, the clock frequency and other factors.

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