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Adapters are adapting elements that combine two different transmission media, plugs or devices with non-matching operation. In contrast to an adapter, a coupling connects two identical plugs.

In the case of connectors, adapters handle the matching from one type of connector to another, such as from BNC female to UHF male, from N male to BNC male, etc. In order to avoid shock points and standing waves, care must be taken with connector adapters that the connector impedances are the same. Adapter cables perform a similar function to adapters, with different plugs or sockets attached to both ends. Adapter cables are often used in video and audio technology, where they connect a wide variety of component and device connectors: RCA to jack, XLR to mini-jack, etc.

Adapter from U.FL to SMA connector, photo: mc-Technologies

Adapter from U.FL to SMA connector, photo: mc-Technologies

In addition to adapters working at the physical level, there are those for adapting operating, communication or user functions. These are designed as plug-in cards, modules such as power supplies or AC adapters, or as stand-alone devices. As plug-in cards, they provide communication to and from the computer in personalcomputers(PCs), notebooks or other computers, for example in the form of network cards, Ethernet adapter cards, ISDN adapter cards, HSDPA, EDGE cards, etc., or for function extensions such as graphics cards.

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