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Online advertising offers considerably more characteristic values than print advertising, especially since some characteristic values can be controlled; for example, ad impressions, also known as ad views. They represent the visual contact of the user with an online advertisement.

Ad impressions or ad views are measurable visual contacts for advertising messages on a website. Ad impressions are logged by ad servers and, depending on the calculation model, are included in the cost of online advertising. The billing model for ad impressions is the price per thousand contacts( CPM). From the ad impressions, important conclusions can be drawn about the conversion rates of the important performance parameters clicks, leads and orders.

Since advertising banners can be placed according to special specifications - for example, every hour on the hour, or in such a way that the same user can only see the same banner x times - the number of page impressions differs from the number of ad impressions. Only if the same online advertisement is displayed every time a page is viewed, the number of ad impressions will be the same as the number of page impressions. The click-through rate and ad impressions are used to determine the efficiency of online advertising. A website provides ad space for multiple ads and banner formats.

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