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An advertising game, Ad-Game or AdGame, is one of several ways to increase the advertising efficiency of online


. Interesting advertising games and sweepstakes offer the opportunity to make potentially interested parties familiar with a brand name, a product or a service and to make them experience it.

Advertising games are computer games

specifically aimed at customer products, services or the customer image, with which a lasting effect is to be achieved through play. They are often used for online advertising among young people. Ad games are browser games that are played with commercially available browsers. They do not require any software installation, rely on the play instinct of the viewer and try to bring the advertising message to the consumer via this. In contrast to other advertising measures such as banners, ad games are not perceived as annoying and can be called up by consumers whenever they want to act out their play instinct. In order to increase the efficiency of the games, they should be easy to learn and simple to use. In addition, the user should have a sense of achievement.

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