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active/passive integration approach (APIA)

The APIA approach, Active/Passive Integration Approach (APIA), for active and passive safety

in motor vehicles focuses on the integration of active and passive safety systems. In the APIA approach, the functions of the subsystems are to

be combined inclusters so that the components can be used several times and others are guaranteed access to information

thatwas not previously available in the subsystems. With this approach, the functional diversity of the subsystems can be realized with fewer components. This leads to higher availability

and reliability. Whereas in the past the individual functional domains were clearly demarcated from each other, there was a lot of overlap and redundancy. With the APIA approach, standardized, scalable software platforms offer much higher functionality. Thanks to the standardized interface, functional software parts can be adapted to the various electronic transducers. In addition, easy integration of software modules from different manufacturers is possible.

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