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active matrix (AM)

In flat panel technology, a distinction is made between passive and active matrix technologies. Both technologies work with backlighting and allow light to pass through when an electric field is applied. Active matrix cells have a thin-film transistor( TFT) for each pixel, which keeps the pixel in the active, i.e. translucent, state until a new signal is applied. Such techniques are emitting techniques that also glow in the dark.

One speaks of an active matrix( AM) when the emitting pixels are arranged in columns and rows like a matrix and can be addressed individually via transistors. The transistors of such an active matrix work as switches and are controlled via the source and gate lines arranged in columns and rows. Once a transistor has been set to the ON state, it can only be switched to the OFF state by a new switching state. Alternatively, thin filmMIM diodes are used for this purpose.

Structure of an active matrix (AM)

Structure of an active matrix (AM)

Active and passive matrix technologies are used for LCD displays, TFD displays and TFT displays as Active Matrix LCD (AMLCD), but also for E-Paper and OLEDs as Active Matrix OLED ( AMOLED) and Passive Matrix OLED ( PMOLED).

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