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acoustic power (Pa)

Sound power( Pa) is the power that a sound source radiates per unit time in all directions. It is specified in watts and refers to the power with which a unit area is flowed through. It is calculated from the product of the sound intensity (W/m2) and the area (m2) through which sound passes.

From the area-related sound power, the sound intensity, the sound power of the sound source can be determined by integrating all areas that are located at a certain distance from the sound source. Depending on the sound source, the sound power can range from a few microwatts to several thousand watts.

Sound power of different sound sources

Sound power of different sound sources

For extremely high sound power of 1 MW and above are rocket engines. This power is 180 dB at a distance of 50 m and thus far above the human pain threshold. Jet engines reach sound power levels of about 10 kW and, at 160 dB, are also still above the pain threshold. Only the interference of excavators and power saws or the music of pianos and trumpets have approximately the same sound power. This is less than 1 W and about 110 dB, but is psychoacoustically evaluated completely differently.

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