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Accessibility is a special aspect of the user interface for accessibility for disabled users. In order for these people to have access to a personal computer in the first place, the graphical user interface must meet special standards.

Depending on the type of disability, computers should be equipped with screen magnifiers for visually impaired users, or the font size should adjust to the appropriate operating system setting, since visually impaired users usually adjust it upward.

Disabilities and their effects

Disabilities and their effects

Similarly, some users make color adjustments to increase the contrast between the background and controls for better visibility. Furthermore, there are users who have the content of interfaces read aloud by special programs, so-called screen readers, or output in Braille on Braille terminals. And some physical disabilities require the replacement of the computer mouse and keyboard with special input devices that follow the standard World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) WAI guidelines that specify accessibility. An interesting approach to accessibility is the mind control of computers via the Brain Computer Interface( BCI). This approach is not solely for controlling computers, but is of particular interest for controlling the thoughts of prostheses or wheelchairs.

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