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access control list (ACL)

In general, access control lists (ACL) are used to regulate access rights to existing resources. The access control list consists of individual access control entries (ACE).

  1. Access Control Lists (ACL) are used in WLANs, among others, for access control at the MAC level. The access control list includes the information which person can access which program and which resources and which operations are allowed. The Access Control List is centrally managed by management solutions.

  2. Access Control List for Internetworking. The ACL list describes which data packets are filtered out when screening from which host and which services can be offered or accessed by computers on LANs. The access control list can support or prevent service access.

  3. Control list defined by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) for security monitoring in distributed Unix systems.

  4. In directory services, access control lists indicate whether a particular user has access to a directory and what access rights that user can exercise.

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