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access cable

The connection cable is the cable between the subscriber connection box or the distribution unit and the terminal device. Depending on the network type, it can be a transceiver cable for Ethernet or a lobe cable for Token Ring.

In general, a connection cable is a flexible cable with a small bending radius that should be adapted to the fixed cables in the floor cabling and laid freely indoors to the workstation. In structured cabling, the connection cable extends from the subscriber outlet( TA) to the device input. This range is specified in the cabling standardISO/IEC11801 and EN 50173 and limited to 10 m.

Lobe cable

Lobe cable

In the current standard, however, this connection cable is not included in the specifications for the link class. However, drafts are available according to which the length of the connection cable will be reduced to 5 m in a revision of the cabling standards and this cable, like the patch cable (also 5 m), will be taken into account with its transmission properties in a new specification, the so-called channel specification.

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