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Accelerometers are mechanical/electronic vibration transducers for the detection and measurement of vibration, inclination and acceleration. They are installed in components, devices, equipment and systems and can record measured values in the three axial directions x, y and z.

Accelerometers such as gyro sensors are inertial sensors. They use the change in inertial force, which is determined by the earth's gravitational force of 9.81 m/s at rest. Depending on the method, the changes in motion can be detected using piezoceramics with the piezoelectric effect or capacitively by changes in charge. In both methods, a change in charge is produced which corresponds to the change in force acting on the sensor.

Accelerometers are used in a wide variety of biological, medical and engineering applications and can detect minute displacements of buildings or dams, as well as extremely rapid changes in automotive and rocket engineering. A well-known example of acceleration sensors is the smartphone, which adjusts the screen display when the position changes.

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