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abbreviated dialing (ABD)

Abbreviated dialing (ABD or ABBD) is a dialing mode that can be a service provided by network operators or a feature oftelephone systems and PBXs. In abbreviated dialing, which can be useful for frequently dialed numbers, only one-, two- or three- digit abbreviated numbers are entered instead of the entire telephone number.

Abbreviated dialing is also known as speed calling or abbreviated dialing (ABD). The short numbers are administered by the network operator, who also ensures that they are assigned to the telephone number. Abbreviated dialing can also be implemented on the subscriber side as a terminal function or in the PBX. If short code administration is located at the subscriber's end, the complete call number is transmitted via the access line when speed dialing is used.

In addition to the telephone number reduced to a few digits, abbreviated dialing can also be performed via destination keys or name keys on the telephone.

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