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ZigBee alliance (ZA)

ZigBee, the short-range wireless technology standardized by the IEEE 802.15.4working group, is promoted significantly by the ZigBee Alliance. More than 100 well-known companies have joined forces in this alliance to network industrial networking, as well as building control and the control of household appliances via WLANs.

The founding members of the ZigBee Alliance include Atmel, Freescale, Honeywell, Invensys, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NXP and Philips. In addition, various semiconductor, wireless and OEM manufacturers are also represented in the ZigBee Alliance as regular members.

ZigBee technology differs significantly from other wireless LAN technologies such as 802.11, Bluetooth or HyperLAN in terms of its approach and requirements, as it is designed for industrial and residential use, for control, monitoring and automation. One main focus is on ZigBee security, another on keeping power consumption as low as possible so that control systems can run on batteries or rechargeable batteries for several years without battery replacement.

In December 2004, the ZigBee Alliance adopted the first specification of ZigBee.

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