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ZigBee 3.0

With ZigBee 3.0, the ZigBee Alliance is turning the various ZigBee developments into a uniform standard for the wireless networking of devices, components and sensor networks that make up an Internet of Things (IoT). This standard, which is compatible with the IP protocol, ensures interoperability between a wide variety of smart devices


The Three Standards of ZigBee 3.0

ZigBee 3.0 is divided into three standards with multiple ZigBee profiles: ZigBee RF4CE, which stands for Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics, ZigBee Pro, and the IP protocol-based ZigBee IP

. Each of the above supports different ZigBee profiles.ZigBee 3.0 is based on the IEEE standard 802.15.4. Worldwide, it uses the ISM band at 2.4 GHz. In addition, it can operate in the 868 MHzband in Europe and 902 MHz in the U.S. ZigBee 3.0 is reliable and robust, it is a multi-hop network that compensates for errors from individual nodes, components can be simple sensors of low complexity, but also smart devices, the network and the transmission technology are optimized for lowest energy consumption and the data is encrypted with 128 bitAES encry


Application areas of ZigBee 3.0

ZigBee profiles

ZigBee profiles

The many defined objects cover all possible consumer-oriented, commercial and industrial application areas. For example, home automation and building automation with control of air conditioning and ventilation systems and building security, energy management with on-demand control of energy consumption in smart grids, control of outdoor and indoor lighting, healthcare and patient monitoring, and last but not least, energy harvesting using energy

harvesting andmicro energy harvesting

.ZigBee 3.0 is designed to simplify product development for the Internet of Things (IoT)


It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of device-to-device networking and supports low-cost mesh networks

and low-power devices. When using existing and certified ZigBee devices for ZigBee Home Automation (ZHA) and ZigBee Light Link (ZLL), compatibility issues may occur under ZigBee 3.0.

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