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Yosemite refers to the operating systemMac OS X 10.10 from Apple, Inc. The successor to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks was presented by Apple in June 2014 during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) as a preview and the market readiness was announced for the fall of the same year. OS X Yosemite is available free of charge and requires the same hardware as its predecessor Mavericks, according to the manufacturer.

The visual innovations of Mac OS X Yosemite include a redesigned interface, redesigned icons and a changed selection of the background image. Current events are displayed with the "Today" view, including appointments, stock quotes or the weather. Dark" mode darkens the Dock, menu bar, and folded-out windows as needed.

The advanced search function Spotlight offers direct access to data from Wikipedia, Microsoft's search engine Bing and the Maps app. The email client lets you upload larger attachments to the cloud and send a link instead of the file.

The Handoff feature lets you continue editing files on an iPad or iPhone on a Macintosh, and iCloud Drive brings access to iCloud files as folders in a Macintosh's Finder. Also new is automation using JavaScript, which was previously only possible with AppleScript. In addition, Apple's Safariweb browser has been optimized in OS X Yosemite with a new Nitro JavaScript engine.

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